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Flowchain Announces DEXG Exchange and Speculative AMM

29th, March, 2021 / Taipei

The Flowchain Foundation announced today that the DEXG Exchange developed on the DEXToken Protocol, published by the Flowchain Foundation in 2020, is officially activated on the Ethereum mainnet. 

DEXG Exchange also proposed the Speculative AMM, a brand-new AMM technology that conducts the token's volatility for its real-time price quotation.

The initial version (the V1.0) of the DEXG Exchange product includes two sets of smart contracts, DEXG Pool and DEXG Swap. The current released smart contracts have been completed and passed professional security audits. 

The V1 launch phase will take the lead in activating the DEXG Pool on the mainnet, and the DEXG Swap will be activated subsequently when DEXG Exchange reaches six token listings or more.

Enter the details of the proposed AMM. Speculative AMM has proposed an innovative pooling mechanism that allows users to provide a single-asset ERC-20 token as liquidity. 

If prospective users want to estimate the advantages the Speculative AMM could lead to, the DEXG team suggested a quick study on the pricing algorithm. "I'd say maybe the main advantage of the Speculative AMM comes from the volatility pricing system because it will conserve a low risk of liquidity's impermanent loss," said Jollen Chen, the creator of DEXToken Protocol.

In DEXG Pool's architecture, users can provide liquidity into a DEXG pool to enable decentralized asset trading.  This architecture allows the DEXG Pool to act as an order book and increase digital assets' liquidity.

Aside from the mainnet activation, DEXG Exchange also included the decentralized governance mechanism in the product line to achieve a decentralized growth model.

The current release of the DEXG Exchange behaves as a "backbone," and the global DeFi ecosystem plays a vital role in an ongoing build to facilitates a DEX.

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